Trip-Smart Technology

We provide private label and API travel solutions to a broad range of partners, including airlines, hotels, travel sites, associations, and travel agent networks. Our USP is flexible and innovative technology solutions along with a global inventory of travel products.

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  • Fully customizable Flight, Hotel, Car and Activities APIs, offering flexibility to seamlessly integrate into your existing brand
  • Shopping cart model for multiple bookings under one itinerary
  • Metadeux technology to provide you competitive pricing and real time availability
  • Get access to 170 low cost carriers
  • We have local fares in over 50 countries
  • Get access to merchant, retail, and package hotel rates, as well as promotional deals
  • Offer any or all of our travel products- Flight, Hotel, Car and Activities
  • We aggregate the aggregators on the hotel front
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Private Label Solutions
  • Retain your brand’s unique feel while integrating our easy plug & play booking engine
  • We offer dynamic pre-designed web templates for quick website development
  • Flexible user interface with no maintenance cost
  • Comprehensive support throughout the web portal development process

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