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What makes Trip-Smart Travel Solutions better than the other Travel Affiliate Programs?

Travel Affiliate Programs
October 18, 2016 By Trip-Smart
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The Trip Smart White-label program will deliver higher revenue and conversion rates to your business. Want to know why?

Firstly, we make it super easy to get you started and we can have you up and running with a full functional totally branded site in about a week’s time.

Would you believe that you can now access one booking engine where your customers can view metasearch comparative content, but only have to transact with one site?

Would you believe that you can now use only one partner to access bookable content and fulfillment services for all GDS connected Airlines and over 200 low costs airlines, access over 1,200,000 Hotel rates, best rates on car rental from brokers, and the most complete offer on the market for airport transfers, activities and event tickets from around the world?

Wouldn’t it be great to show your customers local air pricing from over 70 consolidators enabling your clients to book air fares sometimes 22% lower than the big OTA’s? 

Wouldn’t that give a big boost to your conversion rates?

Would that help you crush your local competition because you simply provide travel options they cannot match?

Wouldn’t it be so nice to be guaranteed to receive 24/7 email and phone support from professional travel agents?

Now, here is the nicest part of our private label site, we are more generous  than our competitors on what we share because we know this is the base for long-term business relationships! 

And talk about scalable, we employ Amazon Web Servers to ensure uptime, dependability and scalability!

Have you dreamt about earning 70% of the overall revenue available and this from the 1st booking on Air, Car, Hotels and Activities? 

Stop Dreaming! It’s here!! 

To celebrate our first anniversary, we are now ready to on board additional customers with this unique private label program that  features the most powerful multi source booking engine available.

Stop looking around, start growing your conversion rate and affiliate revenue right now with the revolutionary Trip Smart booking engine.

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Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide travel api, white-label travel portal and travel affiliate programs.

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