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What is leisure travel and how to make the most of it?

leisure travel
December 19, 2016 By Trip-Smart
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What is leisure Travel?

The travel industry has been quite dynamic in the past few decades. Amongst the new breed of travelers, there is an emerging phenomenon that has gained popularity over the years. This newest trend, known as Leisure travel, is an intermix of business travel and leisure. The typical business vacation is no more the same. They would no longer leave you burned out if you mix it with leisure. That’s the whole idea behind Leisure travel. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst young entrepreneurs or budding business enthusiasts who fall in the age group of 45-54 years old. These people have a business-with-pleasure mixed type of mindset who are likely to turn a boring business meet up into a networking opportunity.

Enhancing Leisure Travel

Usually, a typical Leisure travel seeker would spend a minimum of ten days on their trip. If you are thinking to add leisure to your next business trip, then there are some surest ways to do that. You can enhance your next business trip experience with a thoughtful planning done in a way that you make the most of your business trip. Here is how it is supposed to be done –

  • Choose a hotel with a doable itinerary that can fit seamlessly into your schedule. There are a number of hotels providing leisure in their offerings. You can pick a sightseeing activity or a cultural event to start with. Tripsmart solutions pan over 1200,0000 hotels with multiple payment option and dynamic offerings to choose from. You know you can choose from the best with so many great options amongst their hotels api.
  • Look for an event to know about local culture and tradition. For example, you can pick from a number of local activities happening in an area to go out with your colleagues. This will give you the exposure of local culture first-hand and help you appreciate it. At the same time, your business client will perceive it as a good gesture and may turn out well for future networking. For example, if you are in Tokyo, you can take out your colleagues for a Nominication, a drinking ceremony. Tripsmart Solutions’ travel api can help you choose from a vast range of activities in an area.
  • If you are re-visiting an area or destination for Leisure, don’t forget to arrange a meet-up with your former colleagues. It is better to ask beforehand and make necessary arrangements. It can prove to be a great get-together for exchanging ideas and opportunities. You can choose from some great dining options for that. Also, in case you want to travel at your own discretion, a car hire will always be the best option. These add-ons can be easily looked on Tripsmart travel solutions to make the most of your next Leisure trip.

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