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Why Trip-Smart Travel Solutions provides the best Affiliate Program in the market?

Affiliate Program
November 3, 2016 By Trip-Smart
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Trip-Smart offers travel solutions with a difference. We provide full range of customizable API travel solutions as well as affiliate support for your travel business. When it comes to choosing the best affiliate program from different travel solution providers, ours is a straight winner. Why? Well, the reasons are many starting from seamless API integration to full backend support and the best customer support solutions to the superior list of suppliers across the globe. There are many advantages of choosing Trip-Smart as your affiliate program partner. Let us shed some more light on what lies ahead for our affiliates and what makes us different from other major key players.

As a white-label solution provider, Trip-Smart provides value-driven business services to your travel business. We have access to the largest repository of top suppliers across the world to give you a solid edge on flight and hotel booking services. Trip-Smart provides access to 950+ bookable airlines, 224+ low-cost carriers with local fares in 72 countries and counting. You can search, compare, book, hold or modify your itinerary as per your requirement. We cover 1.2 million hotels worldwide with pre-pay and post-pay facilities. We are one of the best travel affiliate programs on the web and the largest source affiliate for flights and hotels. You can find the lowest flight prices online and make hotel selection as per the genuine user reviews provided by Trust You.

The process of travel needs to be smooth and streamlined when it comes to having a slight edge over your competitors. Therefore, we have negotiated directly with all major car hire companies in over 25,000 locations to offer you easy car rental services. You can choose from more than 40,000 travel-related activities worldwide and offer some drool-worthy finds to your members for an epic adventure time. We are also offering a range of options for global soulful cruise trips to the most beautiful locations in the world with competitive rates. These features are unique to Trip-Smart and won’t be available with any major key travel player in this segment. The cruise services lets you earn a direct commission percentage on the cruise packages you sell.

An ideal private-label program needs to be more user-friendly in selling travel and it should also generate high revenue for your travel business. We, at Trip-Smart Travel Solutions, have got you covered completely. Our flexible and seamless suite of APIs can be placed directly in the host site HTML in few simple steps unlike the ‘plug and play widget’ offered by others. You will get a full-blown website within no time. Apart from this, you will receive unique contact number as well as email address support for seamless branding. A lot has been invested in getting it to compete with the major travel solution providers in the market. Take for instance, our fully customizable APIs in various domains, shopping cart feature for multiple bookings, meta-deux technology for the best price and real-time availability.

That’s not all. Trip-Smart Travel Solutions ensures that you get the full customer support, 24X7 over email, chat and phone. You can count on our affiliate program to get full backend support for other travel fulfillment services such as ticket printing, refunds and exchanges. The back-office reporting is swift and flawless with real-time booking dashboard and comprehensive reporting system. You can get access to transaction-level detail which is something not offered by even the major travel affiliate players in the market.

To help you choose the best Affiliate Program, here is the comparison of Trip-Smart Travel Solutions with some of the best travel solutions providers: http://travelsolutions.trip-smart.com/affiliate-program/

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide travel api, white-label travel portal and travel affiliate programs.

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