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Travel Insurance: Why shouldn’t you leave home without it?

May 23, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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So you are prepared to leave home for your dream vacation. Sunscreen check. Camera check. Beach essentials check. But what about the travel insurance? Are you leaving your home without it? Because if you do, think again.

The disaster usually strikes when we least expect it. So let’s face it. Whether you are traveling abroad or within your country, you will still need travel insurance. Keeping your peace of mind intact during a vacation comes easy in the form of a travel insurance. It is usually believed that travel insurance comes expensive. But what if you get stuck in a foreign country or lose your passport. That’s where travel insurance comes into play. A travel insurance will cover for such scenarios including –

  • Emergency situations
  • Medical treatment
  • Stolen luggage
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Canceled flight due to weather or unforeseen circumstances
  • Stolen credit cards or money

There are different types of policies available depending upon your needs and the level of coverage. However, you must research thoroughly and compare different policies before committing to anything. Remember that an expensive travel insurance does not necessarily counts as a better.

Travel insurance can be your best companion while you travel. Here are five major reasons why should not leave for a holiday without travel insurance –

  1. Travel insurance will cover stolen or lost luggage. For instance, say you have important medications in the luggage that you can’t live without but you can’t spend another round of money on expensive medications. In this case, travel insurance will come handy.
  2. Imagine the nasty series of events that follow after a flight cancellation. The travel insurance will compensate for your losses in that case.
  3. No matter how thoroughly you plan your vacation, you can never predict a disaster. A travel insurance will have your back and pay for any financial losses whatsoever.
  4. Again, medical emergencies can arise anywhere. What if you don’t have enough money to pay for the doctor in a foreign land? Your medical insurance will pay for it in case any unfortunate event occurs.
  5. A good travel insurance policy can help you in the case of delayed flights or an unforeseen event on the cruise.

There are always alternatives to the travel insurance. The industry trends show that travel insurance market shows steady increase. This is so because travelers are on the lookout of similar coverage plans without shelling out big bucks. This is where travel clubs have a win-win situation.

Travel club membership ensures that you have enough coverage in case of medical emergencies, natural disasters, hospital costs, stolen luggage and such. Travelers these days are increasingly dependent on travel memberships to get them covered while traveling. Membership with travel clubs provide basic coverage in event of any medical emergency or disaster while traveling. The travel club benefits such as ‘Doc in a suitcase’ and ‘Private Medi-Jet service’ come as part of Custom Travel Clubs membership. They ensure the best care in the world in case of a medical emergency and effectively manage sensitive to potential losses. If you want something specific to get covered, then you can always go for relative Travel Insurance. But don’t forget to read the fine print.

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