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Top Hidden Dangers To Avoid While Travelling

March 29, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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Travel is not all about fun. There might be hidden dangers looming everywhere. So before you go on your next trip as yourself, “How well prepared are you?” Before you set out for your next adventure, take a moment to think about your safety. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” So take time out of your travel preparation and gear yourself with the knowledge and backups in case something unexpected happens. Here is a list of top hidden dangers to avoid at all costs while you are traveling –

  1. Being mugged

The rule of thumb says that never dress up like a tourist with flashy clothes and expensive jewelry in a foreign country. There might be consequences to it. The worst being getting robbed. So make sure that you keep your important stuff like camera, laptop, cards, gadgets etc. out of sight of prowling robbers. You don’t want to take a risk with your essentials in another country especially.

  1. Losing all important documents

Losing all important documents can be nothing less than a nightmare. So avoid it at all costs. How? Prepare a little before you embark on your journey. Make sure that you photocopy all your important documents like passport, hotel bookings, flight information etc. Also, keep a digital copy saved on your phone as well as the laptop. In case, you lose the hard copy of the documents, you can still go on with your trip with the soft copies.

  1. Falling ill

You are more susceptible to falling ill in a new place particularly. Upset stomach or food poisoning is the most common problem that tourists face. It is best to avoid meat products, seafood or eating out from street side vendors.

  1. Dodgy tour operators

Always get your booking done from a reputable tour operator. You can take reference from friends or relatives you have firsthand experience with a tour operator. The dodgy tour operators are of no help in case the worst happens.

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  1. Getting arrested

Always check the local laws and customs of your travel destination. It is important to follow them while you are there. Most of the countries have put up information about their local laws on their website for reference so never leave home without checking them thoroughly.

  1. Natural disasters

Find out the information of the place you are traveling to in terms of natural disasters. If it is prone to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes etc. then it is advisable to exercise caution.

  1. Accidents/ Injuries

Be wary of your surroundings while driving in another country. Many tourists get fatal injuries while neglecting safety issues on the road every year. Also, be aware of the walkways that need repairs or loose balcony railings to avoid any unfortunate event.

  1. Violent outbreaks

If a war or unrest has broken out at the place you are traveling to, then ask yourself if you really need to travel. If you do, then make sure that you are covered by travel insurance. Additionally, take precautionary safety measures at all times while traveling. If you are volunteering in that area or someone has sponsored your trip, ask for the best safety precautions. Also, check the latest information on that place before you start the trip.

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