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How is Technology Shaping Holiday Travel?

November 21, 2016 By Trip-Smart
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Technology has changed the way we travel. Especially the current holiday travel trends indicate that a revolution is underway. Millions of travelers are about to leave the country and traverse skies and oceans. Most of us are heading out to realize our much-awaited holiday plans. This means that we will be utilizing technological advances to make our moments truly special.

The trend in holiday travel has emerged lately and is growing every year. While most people think that it is because of the increase in salary and having more time to spend for holidays, it is not entirely true. Most people are starting to get out of their comfort zone for travel because of technology. Here are the ways how technology has been shaping travels especially during the holidays –

  1. Not just limited to sightseeing
    The millennials are not just interested in the usual sightseeing. This generation is shifting from its parents’ sightseeing holidays to totally immersive experiences during travel. In a matter of a decade, the travel trends have grown like never before due to the influence of technology and ease of access.
    According to a recent study entitled “Happy Digital Holidays: Technology, Culture and Emerging Holiday Traditions,” (Source), technology has wiggled its way into travel especially during holidays. The findings received from its 1000 customers shed a light on the impact of technology in shaping out holidays. It says that 73% travelers prefer to make arrangements online and around 62% will track the weather of the places they are going to use their favorite weather app. This study just reveals the obvious. Technology has become more embedded in our travel matrix with the passage of time.
  2. Enhanced Experience
    Our parents’ generation used to stick to one hotel or resort year after year because of the comfort of familiarity. That’s not just the case with us. Now the digital world is providing more useful information at our fingertips and has evolved to provide intuitive customer service. With Travel Clubs’ memberships, the digital profile of a member enables them to know the customer’s likings in order to deliver a more personalized service.
  3. Competitive Prices
    Before the technological boom, we used to plan our travels within the limited options we had. Now the resources are unlimited. You can compare prices, find better deals in terms of pricing, read genuine reviews to get the first-hand experience of a place and check availability on particular dates using the calendar. Now the travelers do not have to settle for whatever they could find when they reach their destination. You can find car rental companies, compare accommodation, check out eateries and pretty much do everything online.
  4. Elaborate Listings
    Previously, travelers used to have limited information about the place they are going to visit. The technological advances in travel brought us with elaborate and better listings which is one of the amazing things. Most of the travel companies work hard to get all the details listed online. Many companies are getting innovative with holiday travel. Trip Smart has introduced cruise trips, car rentals, and other such services to help you make the most of the holiday travels.
  5. More transparency
    The holiday travelers who are looking to book a holiday need to be confident about the place they are about to book or the services they choose. This is ensured with more transparency and better communication through the advent of digital technology. Now the companies are willing to attract customers and care about their online reputation. From photos to reviews and property ratings, they are incorporating new technologies to deliver a personalized experience.

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