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How to Avoid 5 Most Brutal Travel Startup Mistakes

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June 27, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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Starting a travel startup involves so many steps that one may get lost along the way. It is normal to make a mistake or two when it comes to travel startup yet even seemingly harmless mistakes can give you a hard time in the longer run. It is important to recognize those mistakes and even better, avoid them. You might make tons of errors while building your travel enterprise but there are a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.

If you are about to launch your travel startup, avoid these brutal startup mistakes –

  1. Don’t misinterpret your market

It is easy to mistake a good idea for a good business. It takes proper execution and planning to turn a great startup idea into a great business. So ignoring the market trends can lead to failure in a blink. Before you set out, test your idea with independent research. No matter how original your idea is, never underestimate or overestimate the market demands, cost or demographics.

Travel membership programs are the safest bet to start with. You can evolve your services as market conditions evolve without waiting forever for the market to be ready.

  1. Don’t think you know it all

Think bigger and know what it takes to run the travel business. The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is to think that they are experts. They waste time chasing after what they think is right regardless of the market trends. Find out what consumers will truly need, create a model around it and then work optimally to deliver it to them.

The latest fad in travel market is the subscription-based model. So find ways to excel at subscription economy rather than trying to force a ‘need’.

  1. Don’t over-evaluate positive feedback

There is a tendency to over-value positive feedback from your customers/clients at early stages of travel enterprise. People may say all kinds of terrific things about your startup and encourage you. As a startup founder, you will be all ears to this encouragement, but the chances are that it may set you on the wrong path. You need to find out if you created a compelling product or not on the basis of its sales. If not, focus on creating a ‘must-have’ product by filtering out words of encouragement from prospects.

  1. Don’t forget about the branding

Never underestimate the value of your own travel brand. Quite often, travel startups are reluctant to invest into branding. They think that a logo will do the work. Your brand image is a guiding light that not only represents your business but also acts as a reminder of your vision.

  1. Don’t do it alone

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get stuck on a particular way of doing things and mess it all up in the long run. Sometimes we forget that there might be a smarter way of doing things apart from our traditional way of thinking or one way of doing things. It is better to vocalize your problem to someone else you can count on. Having an extra set of eyes and ears is valuable to your startup.

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