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Advancements in Travel Through Technology

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October 20, 2016 By Trip-Smart
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Like all other sectors, technology plays a crucial role in the tourism industry. Both businesses and customers can benefit from advancements in communication, guest services and reservation systems. Technology promotes incessant communication and streamlines the travel experience, from reservation to checkout.

Traveling becomes modern, easier and safer with the technological advancements. Mobile computers allow people gain to access to the internet anytime and anywhere. Visitors can use portable computers and tablets to find on site information or use GPS to map out their route and share experience with others.

Technology helps to promote a destination through social networking and stimulates visitor appreciation of the site.

Technology has transformed the tourism industry significantly by making it more reliable and easily accessible. It helps to promote cultural understanding in dynamic ways and enhances tourists’ appreciation and adds value to the place.

Technology has not only changed the day-to-day life but has changed the face of the travel industry as well. Many new innovations such as mobile boarding passes, cell phone capabilities, in-flight entertainment and airport security features have boosted the travel industry to all new heights.

Cell phones now have the ability to allow you to check into the airport as well as attain your boarding pass via a text message. There are apps which allow you to make reservations and check into hotels anywhere. Cell phones also have the capability to unlock hotel suites, no key card required. In-flight entertainment has also become a great source to entertain passengers. Instead of bringing your own music and gaming consoles to entertain yourself on the flight, many airlines offer video games as well as music and videos to engage passengers.

Flights also have moving map systems that provide real-time flight information displayed on cabin video screens to keep passengers updated. They exemplify the flights position, direction of the plane, altitude, airspeed, distance to the destination, distance from origin and local time so passengers can be where they are when they want.

Now you can even chat with the person occupied in another seat. How is this possible?

In-flight entertainment producers have begun to introduce systems that allow passengers chat among one another, compete against each other through video games, talk to flight attendants, request food or drinks and have full access to the internet and email.

Airports have become a hub of technological innovation when it comes to safety. Full body scans have become a common feature in airports all over the world.The scanner takes a 3D image of the body that can reveal hidden objects and can see through most types of material.

Passports are now also becoming electronic using a method called biometrics. This method is able to uniquely recognize humans. In the information technology world, biometrics are used as a form of identity access management and access control. An electronic or biometric passport is used to authenticate the identity of travelers. Biometric passports use contactless smart card technology that includes embedded circuits that can process and store data. This includes a microprocessor chip and an antenna embedded in the front or back cover or center page of the passport. A chip embedded in the passport holds information about the holders’s face such as the distance between the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Technology is everywhere, even when traveling. These new innovations create a world that is safer for travelers and keeps them connected.

Welcome to the future of tourism technology.

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