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7 travel trends to watch in 2017

May 19, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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In our fast-paced society, travel trends are changing perennially. There are some key trends to look for in 2017 that will affect the global tourism industry. These trends predictions will help travel companies to stay up-to date with the demands of the industry. Let us take you through the insights about top 7 travel trends which are going to dominate the travel market globally –

1. Ecotourism

The rising demand of eco-friendly practices and reducing the carbon footprint will lead to a boom in ecotourism. The travelers are keen to incorporate responsible practices that will not harm the environment. This means that eco-friendly resort getaways and green getaways will be the highlight of this year.

2. Active and adventure trips

As per the recent report by Virtuoso, active and adventure travel is one of the hottest trends of 2017. People are more likely to go on treks, expeditions, safaris, hikes and try adventure activities while traveling.

3. Female solo travel

Female solo travel is fast becoming the trend of the year. Today, a majority of decision-making is done by women. The female travelers are bold and independent. They are keen to exploring new places and most of them don’t shy away to go solo. According to the reports, the majority of online travel consumers are women. So, travel clubs can be their go-to destination to hunt for travel deals.

4. Food tourism

Food tourism is popularized by people who are keen to knowing the local culture of the place. Travelers are going places to learn new cuisines and food etiquettes. This is one of the best ways to know a place closely. Various travel club platforms are organizing culinary tours or group trips for foodie travelers. This trend is soon catching up popularity.

5. Mobile photography

Thanks to the advanced camera features and technology enhancements that people have now found a new way to document their travels. Travel companies and travel clubs can benefit from this trend by tapping into it. They can run campaigns on social media to engage users and also offer guided tours.

6. Bleisure travel

Business and leisure travel, also known as Bleisure Travel, is predicted to be a lucrative trend of 2017. It is a favorite topic among travel experts. The stats suggest that it has been on a continuous rise in the past five years. It has been expanding itself by combining business with leisure trips. Travel experts see this as a potential trend to tap into. Travel startups and membership driven organizations can approach corporate with itineraries relevant to corporate travel that mingles business with leisure for employees.

7. Digital bookings for activities

The digital bookings are not just limited to accommodation or airfare nowadays. Even tours and activities are available online for booking. More and more travel club

fulfillment companies are aiming to provide this option to bring everything under one roof. Now travelers can book activities, experiences, guided tours and more with just one click.

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