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5 Travel Trends That Could Make Or Break in 2017

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May 31, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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In the past few years, a few notable travel trends have shown a positive upswing. They are expected to grow continually in the coming years. As a tour operator or travel startup, we notice that these trends change every other year. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep up with the latest trends in travel and take advantage of them.

Maybe you cater to leisure travelers or you are welcoming foodie travelers at the moment, the travelers expect you to understand their demands well. They are growing more impatient and demanding, thanks to the technological advancements. Travelers are increasingly looking up to the technology to get answers to their specific needs. As a travel company, it becomes even more important to address their expectations in unprecedented ways. Here are 5 travel trends worth knowing about which can help you make strategic plans –

  1. Staycations

If you are a travel company, remember that it is not just about attracting foreign tourists. Travelers are keen to discover places closer to home. This trend for having a holiday close to your hometown is predicted to grow further. As a travel startup, can market trips or activities to local people and benefit from the ‘staycation’ trend. Many travel companies are recommending new experience or insight to local travelers for a unique staycation experience. Apart from that, travel companies are offering locals-only discounts which can be redeemed for local activities or rental cars.

  1. Last-minute travel

Last-minute travel continues to grow. This trend is especially popular among Millennials. As per the stats, around 50% of the Millennials took on an average of three last-minute vacations deciding 4-5 days prior to travel. (Source) As a travel company, you must provide last-minute deals or discount offers for consumers who are actively searching for them on the internet. You can also align your marketing campaigns timely to meet the requirements of real-time demands.

  1. Multi-generation travel

Millennials have been a driving force behind multi-generation travel. Grandparents enjoy a vacation with their grandkids and they love options with some light adventures. According to the stats, a quarter of travelers in the US are grandparents and around 42% of them took a vacation with their kids or grandkids last year. (Source) This trend is only increasing further, even more, or so till 2020. Such travelers are looking for travel companies which can offer personalized vacations for families. As a travel company, you can appeal to them by catering to the different priorities and interests of such travelers.

  1. Discovering untouched places

Travelers are looking for unexplored gems and lesser-known destinations to unplug. They are wanting to push boundaries and get out of their comfort zones. Such travelers prefer remote destinations to well-touristed cities. They rely on travel memberships for reliable experience and fast bookings.

  1. Pet travel

As the number of pet owners is increasing, they are taking their pets with them for a vacation. Pet travel has grown more than ever. On an average, 3 out of 5 Americans have a pet at home and three-quarters of them feel guilty about not taking their pets to a vacation. (Source) About 23% of them always take their pets and 44% take them along sometimes when they travel.  About 85% of Americans have a dog as the pet. As a travel company, you can consider kicking off ‘pet-friendly’ trips or recommend pet-friendly properties to tap this growing market.

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