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5 Best Kept Secrets to Planning a Frugal Vacation

April 26, 2017 By Trip-Smart
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You don’t really need to break the bank to plan a vacation. So don’t let the cost of your vacation keep you from traveling. A frugal vacation needs the right planning, a bit of creativity and handful of affordable tips. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of best-kept travel secrets from all around the globe to help you save money on your next trip –

  1. Be flexible with the destination

Typically, the vacation planning starts with finding deals around a particular destination. You have to do exactly the opposite. Instead, find destinations around your set budget. This way, you can expect a handful of experiences even with a small budget.

  1. Start with cheap lodging

Let’s be clear. By cheap, we mean affordable. So you don’t necessarily need to limit your options. Snag a bargain on your hotel room or get a good deal on the hostel accommodation. Try arranging a home swap or go for great B&B option. All you need is little persistence to decide what suits your liking. The hotel API of Trip-Smart Solutions offers a wide range of options from B&B to luxury hotels worldwide. Not only that, you can offer your customers with flexible pre and post-pay booking options to make their travel planning easier.

  1. Airfares

Planning in advance ensure that you get a good price on airfare. You might think of connecting flights or round-trip tickets. Also, consider packing light to avoid extra charges on the baggage. Consider packing some old clothes so that you have room for new ones that you buy on the trip. Since it becomes incredibly hard to find affordable flight deals online, Trip-Smart Solutions comes out as a savior. The flight API of Trip-Smart offers a range of options for low-cost carriers to choose from. The booking engine also lets the clients search, compare or modify their itineraries with a few easy clicks.

  1. Be specific with car rentals

Be careful to read all the terms and conditions before choosing a car rental. Sometimes one-way car rentals cost more than the price of standard ones when pickup location and drop off locations are different. Most of the time, travelers do not get into this hassle. This is why the travel API of Trip-Smart Solutions keeps them sorted with easy car rental bookings on all major locations around the world. With a fully customizable inventory, Trip-Smart Solutions give an edge to your existing brand and keep your clients happy.

  1. Look for destination-specific savings

You can search out discounts and offers that apply to your travel specific location. As a budget traveler, the first thing you will do is to scour the web for the best deals on activities, food and entertainment. All of this can be provided in a matter of few clicks with white label travel portal of Trip-Smart Solutions. An extensive list of activities will let your clients choose as per their budget and interest. They will get access to reward points, discount coupons, promotionschemes and more that can save them a fortune on their vacation.

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